Medima Software

Программное обеспечение безопасности лекарств

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Their overall purpose is to improve safety of medical procedures, and in particular, to reduce to the minimum the number of incidents related to the infusion of drugs, blood and liquids

Medima Drug Editor (Medication Safety Software)


  • Enables to create easy as well as complicated drug dosing procedures, making full use of the potential of the pumps
  • Allows for creation of one drug library for the whole hospital
  • Additional pump configuration required for specific CCA
  • Extremely comfortable and easy tool allowing for storing of historical versions of libraries 
  • Safe upload of dosing procedures to all pumps without infusion interruption
  • Offered as a part of Medima User Toolbox 

Medima Configurator


  • Enables to define pump parameters common for the whole hospital e.g. display settings, infusion  parameters limits and typical values, alarms, range of available syringes etc.
  • Allows for modification of pump's configuration parameters specific for each CCA
  • Wide range of functions guarantees fulfilling requirements of even the most demanding users,  especially in range of infusion safety
  • Offered as part of Medima Service Toolbox 





  • Easy to use and effective infusion monitoring system
  • Medima offers medical infusion system composed of mutually compatible modules combined into the whole via LAN by MedimaNet software
  • Enables to watch on every CCAs computer all information about started infusions
  • Reviewing data and graphical course of historical infusions
  • Fast identification of alarm origin placement and its reason
  • Expected time to act allowing medical personnel to prepare for specific pump's operation
  • Reports creation and printing
  • Automatic distribution of drug libraries, firmware and pump configuration without infusion  interruption
  • Delivery of infusion data to HIS/PDMS via defined protocol 

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