AirBorne Voyager Transport Incubator

Rugged design for both aeromedical and ambulance transport

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  • Rugged design for both aeromedical and ambulance transport
  • Customizable with a wide range of neonatal ventilators and cardiac monitors
  • Provides dependant and consistent thermoregulation
  • Compact and lightweight to meet the strict space and weight restrictions of aircraft
  • Optional Integrated Phototherapy and Pulse Oximetry (Masimo or Nellcor)

We understand access to auxiliary support equipment is crucial during transport. That is why the Voyager can be customized to ensure the right equipment is configured in the most ideal position possible.

When combined with other medical devices, the Voyager transforms in to a mobile NICU with a wide range of clinical therapies and capabilities. From cooling to high frequency ventilation and everywhere in between, the Voyager can be outfitted with similar capabilities as an advanced NICU.

The Voyager is the cornerstone of our transport incubator fleet and the most popular model sold to date. Thousands have been put to use all around the world transporting the most fragile additions to humankind.

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