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Electro-hydraulic Surgical Table

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Universal Surgical Table with complete features for Cardio Thoracic Surgeries, Neurosurgeries, and Orthopedic Procedures.


S: Sliding
30cm longitudinal displacement of tabletop facilitates radiology applications and creates ample legroom for surgeons.

D: Auto-Leveling
Auto-leveling function helps the surgical team level the tabletop with an easy push of the control button.

N: Low Profile Base
The low profile base allows the C600 to lower its tabletop to 52 cm – a comfortable height for neurosurgeries, ophthalmic surgeries, plastic surgeries.


The detachable shoulder section is adjustable during surgery. It provides excellent flexibility for patient positioning.
A built-in full-length 14” cassette tunnel facilitates X-ray photographing. An optional cassette top installed onto the tabletop is available for inserting the X-ray cassette from eitherside of the tabletop.
The C600 is equipped with a rechargeable battery. An indicator on the hand controller warns of low battery level.
Special designed floor lock provides stability on either flat floor or uneven surface, and is simply operated by a push of button.
Its kidney elevator is made of carbon fiber and guarantees the radiolucent coverage through entire tabletop.


General Surgery
All C600 models have excellent stability for abdominal, chest, and advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and Endoscope Procedure
2-piece leg sections provide full support for patient’s legs and excellent surgical access.

Cardiovascular Surgery
30cm head-end sliding function (/S option) minimizes need for C-arm maneuvering during cardiovascular surgeries.
Optional Back Section Extender (PA-63) is available for tables without /S option to increase the C-arm coverage.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Procedure
30° Trendelenburg angle is ideal for ECMO procedures.

ENT Surgery
Fowler's position gives optimum patient comfort during ENT surgery.

Conventional Cholecystectomy and Thoracic Surgery
Either a kidney elevator (C600K models) or a shoulder section (C600E models) gives extra lift to the patient’s chest.

Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery
An optional low profile base (/N option) offers a comfortable height, and an optional headrest for plastic operation (PA33) integrates wrist support for the surgeon. Minimum recommended configuration: C600/N with PA-33 Headrest for Plastic Operation.

Urology / Gynecology Procedures
Leg sections can easily be removed or split horizontally, and supportive accessories installed. 

Nephrectomy Surgery
230° flex between back and pelvis section is ideal for nephrectomy surgery.

The kidney elevator (C600K models) can be lifted up to 12 cm  for the convenience of surgical position during nephrectomy surgeries.

Neurosurgery (Prone Position)
The patient's head can be placed on a PA13.02 Horseshoe Headrest for approached to the posterior cranial fossa/ An optional low profile tabletop (N option) provides extra low height if needed.

Neurosurgery (Sitting Position)
A patient in sitting position for posterior head or cerebellopontine surgeries. An optional sliding function (/S option) offers ample legroom for surgeons.
- Sliding out first then bend down the leg sections otherwise they would interfere with the center column.

Orthopedic Surgery
PA88.01 Orthopedic Extension is very light-weight and its left and right portions can be installed independently.

Or alternatively, PA 650.02 Orthopedic Extension for convenient maneuverability during more demanding orthopedic fracture surgeries.

Rectal Surgery
A patient is positioned in Kraske/ jackknife position for rectal procedures.

Spinal Surgery
An optional shoulder section tabletop (C600E models) curves the patient’s back for better incision access.
The PA27.01 Dorsal Operation Pad supports the patient’s body and gives sufficient room beneath the abdominals for respiration.

Back (Spinal) Surgery
A patient is positioned in prone jack-knife position for back (spinal) surgery.

Shoulder Surgery
A light-weight PA54.01 Shoulder Attachment is interchangeable with the shoulder section of C600E models. Its movement is connected to that of the back section which is driven by electro-hydraulic power.
Another light-weight PA54.02 Shoulder Attachment replacing leg sections is also available for shoulder surgery.

Key Features

General Construction 
  • Base cover is made of chemical-resistant, impact-resistant ABS plastic which is not easily dented by falling objects.
  • Mattresses and casters are all electrically conductive, providing safe surgical environment.
  • Built-in Full-length 14” radiolucent cassette tunnel extends from the head section to the pelvis section.
  • The central column casing shrouds, joint plates, side rails and screws are made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and resist chemicals and disinfectants commonly used in the O.R.
  • Electro-hydraulic system provides adjustment of height, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section, flex, reflex angles, floor lock, auto-leveling (for D option) and sliding ( for S option).
  • Manual articulation mechanisms for adjustment of head section, leg sections, extra shoulder section (C600E models) and kidney elevator (C600K models).
  • Head section, leg sections and extra shoulder section (C600E models) can be adjusted, aached or removed manually.
  • Gas springs enable adjustments and provide support to leg sections and extra shoulder section (C600E models).
Tabletop Mattresses
The maresses are all 6 cm thick and are made of antistatic materials. The foam inside of the maresses manages pressure underneath the patient to alleviate the risk of bedsores. Latex- free materials are used to avoid allergies associated with some patients.

Power Supply
The C600 Table can be electrically powered either by AC mains or built-in rechargeable baeries. The power supply will automatically changeover from AC to DC when AC power is unavailable.
  • Input Voltage: 100/240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Input Power: 400W
Table Adjustment Control
The electro-hydraulic table positioning can be controlled by a hand control or an auxiliary control unit. The system is designed to cut off power to the hand control soware aer 70 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental table movements. An optional PA28.02 Foot Control allows for the adjustment of height, lateral tilt and Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg. To use the auxiliary control unit, press the enabling key and initiate a table movement by pressing the desired buttons.

Технические характеристики

Table Length       2072 mm
Table Width (without side rails)       520 mm
Table Height (without mattress} 680-1120 mm
520-1020 mm - for / Noption
Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg 30°/30°
26°/26° – for / N option
Lateral Tilt (L/ R}   20°/20°
Head (Up / Down} 60°/90°
Shoulder (Up / Down}   40°/50° - for C600E
Back (Up/ Down)   80°/50°
Leg (Up / Down)   20°/90°
Leg (Open, 2 Pieces)   0°-180°
Kidney Elevator (Up) a -120mm - for C6ooK models
Longitudinal Sliding(toward head-end) 300 mm – for / S option
Flex / Reflex 230°/100°
Weight Capacity   454 kg/ 1000 lbs

NOTE: All specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.

Дополнительные аксессуары

PA 01.01 - Radial Setting Clamp Side Rail (EU)

PA 33.02 - Headrest for Plastic Operation

PA 01.02 - Radial Setting Clamp Side Rail (US)

PA 34.03 - Spinal Support Frame

     PA 02.01 – Flat Bar Clamp Side Rail (EU)

Pa 35.05 – Pressure Management Mattress (6cm) K model

PA 02.02 – Flat Bar Clamp Side Rail (US)

Pa 35.06 – Pressure Management Mattress (6cm) E model

PA 03.01 - Anesthesia Screen

PA 36.01 - Transfer Board

PA 03.02 – Telescopic Anesthesia Screen

PA 39.01 - Radial Setting Clamp Side Rail

PA 04.01 - Shoulder Brace (Left)

PA 42.02 - Adjustable headrest adapter

PA 04.01 - Shoulder Brace {Right)

PA 46.01 – Lithotomy Legholder

Pa 06.02 - Armboard, 6 cm (US)

Pa 48.01 - Armboard, Carbon Fiber (US)

Pa 06.03 - Armboard, 6 cm (EU)

Pa 48.02 - Armboard , Carbon Fiber (EU)

PA 07.01 - Lateral Brace

Pa 49.01 - Armboard. Laminated (US)

PA 08.02 - LegHolder

Pa 49.02 - Armboard, Laminated (EU)

PA 09.01 - Foot Rest (Left)

PA 54.01 - Shoulder Attachment   (C600E)

PA 10.01 - Foot Rest (Right)

PA 54.02 - Shoulder Attachment

PA 11.01 – Restraint Strap

PA 63.01 – Back Section Extender (US)

PA 11.02 – Body Strap with Buckle

PA 63.03 – Back Section Extender (EU)

PA 12.01 – Infusion Stand with Two Hooks

PA 69.01 – Adjustable Supporting with Pad

PA 12.02 – Infusion Stand with Four Hooks

PA 69.02 – Adjustable Instrument Tray

PA 13.04 - Horseshoe Head rest

PA 70.01 - Cassette Carrier

PA 13.05 - Horseshoe Headrest for C600E

PA 84.01 - Table Width Extender, 25cm (US)

PA 14.01 – Upper Arm Support

PA 84.02 - Table Width Extender,25cm (EU)

PA 15.01 – Proctology Attachment

PA 85.01 - Table Width Extender,45cm (US)

PA 16.02 - Drain Pan

PA 85.02 - Table Width Extender, 45cm (EU)

PA 17.01 - Accessory Trolley (US)

PA 95.01 - Lateral Support

PA 17.02 - Accessory Trolley (EU)

PA 113.01 - Wristlet

PA 17.03 - Advaneed Accessory Trolley (US)

PA 114.01 – Anesthesia Screen with Suspended Arm Strap

PA 17.04 - Advanced Accessory Trolley (EU)

PA 115.01 - Neck Supporting Pad

PA 19.07 - Cassette Topfor C Series (K model)

PA 115.02 - Supporting Pad

PA 19.08 - Cassette Topfor C Series (E model)

PA 116.01 – Semi Circular Shaped Pad

PA 27.01 - Dorsal Operation Pad

PA 122.01 - Perinea I Filler Plate

PA 28.02 - Foot Control

PA 123.01 - Instrument Tray

PA 29.01 – Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation (US)

PA 88.01 - Orthopedic Extension(6cm)

PA 29.02 –  Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation (EU)

PA 650.02 - Orthopedic Extension(6cm)

PA 29.03 – Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation(Rectangular Type US)

PA 901.06 - Orthopedic Extension, Carbon Fiber (6cm)US

PA 29.04 – Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation (Rectangular Type EU)


Pa 30.02 – Sitting Headrest


PA 31.04 - Pelvic Section Extender (US)


PA 31.09 - Pelvic Section Extender (EU )


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