Medline T7

Manufacturer Medline

This model approved T7 ventilator with both non-invasive and invasive ventilation capabilities.

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  • Elegant and portable design
  • 7’’ color touch screen with screen lock
  • Real-time display of 4 waveforms and 3 loops
  • Tidal Volume range: 20-2500ml, I:E ratio 1:59 to 99:1
  • 16 ventilation modes: V-AC, V-SIMV, PRVC, PRVC+, P-AC, P-SIMV, PCV, CPAP, CPAP+, BiPPV,
  • CPR mode according to AHA guideline
  • 2 trigger way: pressure and flow
  • O2 concentration adjustment from 40% to 100%
  • Internal PEEP valve
  • Audible and visual alarm for multi-parameters
  • Optional Mainstream EtCO2 with Respironics technology
  • Rechargeable Li=ion battery with 5 hours working time
Ventilator Control Parameters
Control Parameters Items Model T7
Respiratory frequency Adjusting range 0,1~bpm-120bpm
Adjusting step length 1 bpm
Accuracy ±1 Bpm or ±5%
Inspiration/expiration ratio Adjusting range 59:1-1:99
Adjusting step length 0,1
Accuracy 4:1-1:4 range±10%
Tidal volume Adjusting range 20mL-2500mL
Adjusting step length 5mL
Accuracy ±15m1 or ±15%
Oxygen concentration Adjusting range 40%,100%
Adjusting step length 10%
Accuracy ±10%(v/v)
Suction pressure Adjusting range 3cmH20 —60cm H 20
Adjusting step length 1cmH20
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or ±10%
Limited airway pressure Adjusting range 15cmH20-70cmH20
Adjusting step length 1cmH20
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±10%
Trigger pressure Adjusting range -20cmH20-20cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±1cmH20 or±10%
Continuous positive airway pressure/ positive end-expiratory pressure CPAP/PEEP Adjusting range 0cmH20-30cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±10%
Pressure support Adjusting range 0,3cmH20-35cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±1 0%
Trigger flow Adjusting range 1L/min-15L/min
Adjusting step length 1 L/min
Accuracy ±1 L/min or±15%
Pause time ratio Adjusting range 0%-80 %
Adjusting step length 5%
Accuracy 10%
Pressure increase time Adjusting range 0.1s-2s
Adjusting step length 0.1s
Accuracy ±0.2s or±20%
Expiration trigger sensitivity Adjusting range 5%-80 %
Adjusting step length 5%
Accuracy 15%
Oxygen inhalation flow rate Adjusting range 2L/min-30L/min
Adjusting step length 1 L/min
Accuracy ±1 L/min or±1 5%
Other Performance Indicators
Items Model T7
Max. ventilation flow rate 150L/min(@450kPa)
Sigh ventilation function When setting the SIGH function, the tidal volume of sigh ventilation shall be 1.5-2.5 times of the tidal volume preset
Inspiration/expiration resistance When the flow is 30L/min and 60L/min  respectively, inspiration/expiration resistance shall be no more than 6cmH2O
Spontaneous respiration resistance When the flow is 1 5L/min and3OL/min   respectively, inspiration resistance shall be no more than6cmH2O
Inspiration safety valve When ventilator is powered off or out of gas, the patient may breath the fresh air through the safety valve
Air circuit system safety pressure Air circuit maximum safety pressure no more than 1 OOcmH2O
CPR  ventilation function CPR operation/prompt function supported
RSA ventilation function RSA ventilation function supported
Manual ventilation function /
System noise 65dB(A)
Multilingual Switch Multilingual operation interface is switchable via menu.
Battery Working hours 10 hours
Leakage Compensation Yes
Screen 7"  TET color screen Resolution:800x480 pixels With resistor type touch screen, 4 quick access touch buttons
Operation Languages available English, Spanish, French, German
Power Specifications Power adapter Input voltage: 100-240V— Input frequency: 50-60Hz Input Current: 0.7-1.5A

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