AirBorne Aviator Transport Incubator

Sleek, low profile design perfect for small rotor aircraft

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  • Sleek, low profile design perfect for small rotor aircraft
  • Customizable with a wide range of neonatal ventilators and cardiac monitors
  • Safely secures two compressed gas cylinders
  • Integrated airway management system with an air/oxygen blender & mixed gas flow meter
  • Optional Integrated Phototherapy and Pulse Oximetry (Masimo or Nellcor)

When combined with other medical devices, the Aviator transforms into a mobile NICU with a wide range of clinical therapies and capabilities. From phototherapy to high frequency ventilation and everywhere in between, the Aviator can be configured with similar capabilities as an advanced NICU.

The Aviator has all of the auxiliary support equipment biased to the right side of the patient. This allows the crucial support equipment to be near the clinical team for better access in the confined spaces often experienced in rotor wing transport.

Not just for aeromedical transport, the Aviator’s unique design and ability to secure two gas cylinders makes it capable of any ground transport mission. Compatible with Stryker & Ferno Infant Transport (IT) Stretchers

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